Deswap will have its own Metaverse and will be called “Octagon”

octagon metaverse

Buy, Sell or Rent Real Estate

In the early years the Metaverse will be based on launchpads of skyscrapers and villa communities, which users can buy to resell or rent.

rent metaverse real state
stable coins

Release NFT

The sellers of these flats or villas will have to have a Real Estate license. Each license is an NFT.


Only 999 NFT Real Estate Licences will be available in Octagon Metaverse.


Because without these licenses it is not possible to do business in Octagon's Meta Real Estate.

Loans In The Metaverse

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DeSwap will offer loans in the metaverse so that people are able to buy their own homes

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Thus laying the foundations for a decentralised digital mortgage on Polygon's Blockchain.

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The mortgages will be disbursed in YAI the stable coin of Deswap.

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Find out which are the first Real Estate Agencies that will be featured in our Octagon Metaverse!