Worlds First Money Markets Liquidity Protocol Built On Polygon Chain

Deswap is the first ever Decentralised Marketplace to lend loans, collect interest, and mint synthetic stablecoins built on polygon chain

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What is DESWAP?

Deswap powers the world's first decentralized stablecoin(YAI) built on polygon network, DAW, which is backed by a basket of stablecoins and crypto assets with no centralized control.

We are aiming to change the interaction between the lenders and borrowers so that people can exchange assets without seamlessly losing their funds in the form of higher gas fees. On the Polygon chain, the Deswap Protocol is designed to enable a comprehensive algorithmic money market protocol.

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Deswap Protocol

Polygon Chain

You can borrow cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, like the USD-pegged Tether, with no credit check or prior deposits on the Polygon Chain.

Provide cryptocurrencies and stablecoins as well as fixed-interest payment models and earn a variable interest rate as compensation for providing liquidity on the network that is secured by assets over-collateralized by multiple times their value.

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Running through the biggest blockchain platforms, users can access stablecoins backed by their collateral that can be used at over all over the world

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